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Evan Kleekamp, Blouse, 2021. ode to siestaware and commodities akin to and lower than siestaware.tif

NOR Research Studio Director Evan Kleekamp is exhibiting work in RED WEDDING, a group show at RUSCHMAN curated by Matt Morris.

Artists on view include Vaginal Davis, Alexandro Segade, Barbara T. Smith, Beth Stephens and Annie Sprinkle, Fatemeh Kazemi and Yasmina Hashemi, and Adam Milner. As part of their work BLOUSE (2021), Kleekamp has created a
publicly viewable Dropbox folder where they will upload studies, documents, and prototypes for the duration of the show.

4148 N. Elston Ave. Chicago, IL 60618

May 8 – July 3, 2021 

NOR RESEARCH STUDIO is a consulting service that specializes in artist career development. The studio (1) creates intellectual property for artists, (2) plans and implements funding campaigns for artists and nonprofit art organizations, and (3) provides ghostwriting, publication design, and editorial support.


Research Director



NOR offers 1-hour DOWNLOAD AND GUIDANCE sessions for $150. These rapid-fire consultations are an affordable way to establish a master plan for the coming year, brainstorm with the studio about an ongoing project, or viability test proposals with two funding experts. The studio can, for example, pair you with a grant that best matches your interests or strengthen your web portfolio. Does your residency application need structural edits on the fly?
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For $1,000, the studio will develop a grant- or exhibition-ready concept tailored to your aesthetic practice. Locating the emotional impasses your work avoids, BLACKMARKET PSYCHOANALYSIS is meant to take the turmoil and precarity in your life and transform it into economic gains — in other words, to unfuck your practice. The information contained in the documents you receive will help you navigate art world institutions and position your practice to receive advantageous critical attention. A cautionary note (!) BLACKMARKET PSYCHOANALYSIS is not for individuals seeking easy truths. These are tough pills to swallow. The materials we generate will forge deep connections between your past, present, and future self. You might find yourself in the middle of an existential investigation that will take 3-5 years to resolve. But, hey, we guarantee the artworks you produce, addled with dark energy from illicit goods, will contain all that your spirit can muster — along with an added surplus.

Interested? Email with the name of the desired package in the subject line and tell us a little about yourself and your practice or project. Links to past work are always appreciated.


For artists moving into a self-sustaining, commercially viable career.

If you have ideas, but need funding to materialize them, our ARTIST DEVELOPMENT service is for you. We fundraise, develop budgets, career calendars, and investment plans, conduct viability studies, and review portfolios. If you don’t know where to start, this is the option for you.


For artists and nonprofits who need editorial support.

Need to borrow someone else’s brain? Or foster dialogue around your work? Maybe that grant application seems feasible but overwhelming — or you just don’t have enough time? NOR offers a breadth of GHOSTWRITING AND EDITORIAL support, ranging from career materials, such cover letters and résumés, and grantwriting to web copy, monograph essays, and artist books. We also write exhibition, programming, and project proposals that situate your practice within frameworks meant to attract ongoing institutional support.

Expensive but effective business cards.

Books are vehicles that move information and build notoriety. Our PUBLICATION DESIGN speaks multiple “design languages” — the basic clichés and vernaculars inherent to visual communication. During the design process, we anticipate how, when, and where our publications can and will speak to new, sometimes foreign, audiences. To be honest, we live in a globalized world. That’s fucked — but that doesn’t mean your book has to be. We design publications where user experience and access hold equal sway with architectural and sculptural thinking. We think about publications as living media that have varying lifetimes — not just objects that sit on a shelf.

Interested? Email with the name of the desired service in the subject line and tell us a little about yourself and your practice or project. Links to past work are always appreciated.


EVAN KLEEKAMP is autistic. They live in Los Angeles, where they read, write, research, and design prosthetics. In 2021, Apogee Graphics will publish 4 INSTRUMENTS, a limited-edition booklet that excerpts Kleekamp’s in-progress novel, SO THAT MY BALLOON WILL TAKE ME DOWNWARD. Nightboat Books anthologized another excerpt in WE WANT IT ALL: AN ANTHOLOGY OF RADICAL TRANS POETICS (2021). Their writing has appeared in The Avery Review, Open Space (SFMOMA), X-TRA, and the Los Angeles Review of Books. Evan was a 2019 Andy Warhol Foundation Arts Writers Grant finalist and 2020 Creative Capital Grant finalist. In 2021, they received an emerging artist grant for the California Arts Council. Their research interests include: disability, psychoanalysis, the lecture-performance, and kitty cats. 



2337 Sector + Green Lantern Press
356 South Mission Road
Apogee Graphics
Art + Practice
Center for Cultural Innovation
Common Field
Gallery 400 at the University of Illinois, Chicago
Lambda Literary Foundation
Les Figues Press
Los Angeles Artist Census
Los Angeles Review of Books 
Open Space (SFMOMA)
Otis College of Art and Design
Project X Foundation for Art and Criticism
Study Hall
Tanya Bonakdar Gallery
University of California, Fullerton

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